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International clients

Seasoned have a huge amount of experience working with international clients from all over the world and we understand that it can be challenging when booking events and services in another country.

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We understand that communication through different time zones can be frustrating and lead to a slower response time. We would be more than happy to arrange a telephone or Skype call for a time that would suit your office hours to discuss your event in greater detail.

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At Seasoned we are happy to offer you a quotation in your own currency or USD to make the pricing structure more transparent, and we would be happy to take payment in USD.
Unlike many other companies, we are also able to take payment on AMEX for your event.

VAT Refund

Most North American companies that incur Value Added Tax (VAT) on business expenses in Europe are entitled to a VAT refund if they follow the correct application procedures. Please see for more information and guidance.

Our past clients

Some of the companies we have worked with in the past:
Santander Brazil
Chinese Embassy
Gibraltar Day

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