The secret behind our Michelin-inspired food is locally-sourced, high-quality seasonal ingredients & a super-talented & knowledgeable team. The special ingredients behind the scenes are imagination, experience, skill & pride that make our World Master Chefs at the Seasoned kitchen tick & help inspire our team to continually design & create spectacular food & drink for your events.

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Our clients always appreciate care, attention & detail & we are always proud to offer them a delicious & elegant collection of miniature canapé delights that set the tone for an event. We always inspire the senses with beautifully designed canapés which make guests come back for more, time & time again. We have specifically designed our canapés to be served on individual plates to each guest so they can safely enjoy this delicious bites.

Signature seasonal canapes


We believe that lovingly preparing & cooking fresh & pure ingredients gives people a happier experience. Our contemporary bowls & plates are the perfect showcase of our ambition to create beautiful, tasty & healthy dishes where our love for seasonal produce always shines through.

Signature seasonal bowls


We understand that an incredible dining experience represents a unique combination of taste, touch, scent, sight & sound & each impression contributes to a different emotional connection to the food. At Seasoned we will enhance your dining experience providing you with everything to make the perfect dinner event, including sophisticated food, stylish cutlery, elegant stemware, beautiful linen & much, much more.

Signature seasonal dinners


Our discerning clients have an appetite for discovery, originality & variety, which is why at Seasoned we believe that the finest experiences lie in the taste, as well as in the overall dining aesthetic. Our food stations will give a whole new meaning to the expression “eating with the eyes!”

Signature seasonal interactive


Seasoned offers a marvellous selection of drink offerings: fine wines, premium spirits & craft cocktails. Our team of drinks experts will help you delicately balance your food to your wines or recommend elaborate cocktails & mocktails for your event … and our sustainable paper straws are always close at hand!

Signature seasonal cocktails