A plastic-free vision

Millions of plastic bottles a day go unrecycled and end up polluting the oceans, impacting the wildlife and in turn the wider community. Bottled water is no longer be supplied to our clients in plastic. Our journey continues with a number of new initiatives against plastic in the pipeline. We have also stopped the use of plastic straws and are now only purchasing biodegradable paper straws in our venues, as well as tackling some of the other usages such as clingfilm in our kitchens and transport.

HELLO We Are Seasoned CSR 2020

A breath of fresh air

We measure the CO2 that our delivery vehicles emit on journeys to events and turn them into trees. In 2017 our journeys created 125m2 of newly planted woodland. We worked with The Woodland Trust to plant the trees in Heartwood Forest in Hertfordshire. Once matured, every tree planted can absorb roughly 48 pounds of CO2 a year. This year, we will again be teaming up with The Woodland Trust to reinforce this same initiative.

Every drop counts

We provide Life Water to clients throughout the UK and partner with the charity Drop4Drop. For every bottle of Life Water sold, Drop4Drop gives at least 1,000 litres of clean drinking water to a community in need. Through our partnership with charity Drop4Drop we completed our first project to provide access to clean drinking water by building a well supplying over 400 people in the village of Kiguli, located in the Mpigi District of Central Uganda.

Good food for everyone

Millions of people in the UK are living in poverty and it is approximated that 650,000 tonnes of good food goes to waste. Since the beginning of 2018, we have partnered with Plan Zheroes, a social network where relationships are built between food businesses and charities, to enable surplus food to be passed on to the homeless.

Wonky veg champions

Farmers in the UK are getting up to 10 tonnes of produce rejected every week for being imperfect. We are working with our fruit and vegetable suppliers, Fisher & Woods to take on ‘wonky’ vegetables with a dash of creativity and planning, incorporated them into soups, stocks and salads. This has not only massively reduced food wastage but also extensively lowered our carbon footprint producing this food in the first place.

Forces Children's Trust

Seasoned is a proud supporter of the Forces Children’s Trust, a charity that helps children in need whose father or mother has died, or has sustained life-changing injuries, whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces or Civilian Forces.

Colin Sayers, Managing Partner of Seasoned, has built up the courage to sign up for this year’s Special Forces Boot Camp Winter challenge, in aid of Forces Children’s Trust.

Calling all Guardians of Grub

It takes an enormous amount of time, resources and energy to produce our food. And then our industry wastes a million tonnes of it every year. When this waste goes to landfill it produces greenhouse gases, which in turn causes global temperatures to rise.

Seasoned have commented to The ‘Guardians of Grub’ campaign from WRAP which encourages the Hospitality and Food Service industry to come together to rise up against food waste. This includes everyone, from the sous chef to the CEO. The head to tail champion to the freezer hero. We love food and hate waste.

Seasoned already have rigorous producers in place to minimise food wastage but we always want to better what we are doing and challenge ourselves to do more. To find out more about this campaign, visit guardiansofgrub.com

Responsible foodies

At Seasoned are committed to sustainability and do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We always encourage our clients to come on this journey with us and would be delighted to talk to you about how we can work together to minimise the impact of your event.

We have some tools to support you should you want to offset those unavoidable impacts to produce a carbon neutral event. You can use the myclimate.org calculator to measure your CO2 emissions tonnage and there are then many great causes, focused on carbon reducing projects, which would be delighted to receive a donation. The one that Seasoned ourselves support is the Woodland Trust woodlandtrust.org.uk and they recommend a £15 per tonne donation to offset your emissions.