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Our Team

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

Our team loves party planning and bringing to life your unique parties and events. At Seasoned, we have a great team designing, managing and delivering our award-winning party and event planning services. Our team has decades of experience designing and delivering brilliant events that will surely stand out in comparison to any other events you have been to. Our approach is based on being unique and understanding that an ‘off the shelf’ style event package is simply not good enough. Our team has been setting the industry standards in parties and events for years and continues coming up with new ideas and initiatives to take things to the next level. Planning a special event is an art, not a science, and we have a team that knows how to come up with a unique vision and turn it into your dream event.

Terry Korobin
Head of Operations
Elodie Dickinson
Event and Sales Executive
Stephanie Robson
Wedding Planner
Dipika Patel
Event and Sales Executive
Nicky Pratt
Business Development Director
Colin Sayers
Managing Partner
Chris Hawkins
Executive Chef
Chloe Stirling
Event and Sales Executive
Aileen Duffy
Event Sales Manager
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