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Words from the wise: Tower Bridge

22 September 2017

Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

A site visit is a mandatory element of the event planning process as it allows clients to visualise their event at Tower Bridge.  In advance of a site visit we ask our clients to think about what type of event they are organising, how many guests they wish to invite, potential event date and timings plus what food/ beverage they would like to serve.

What advice could you give to clients or agents who need to sell the venue to the final decision maker?

A Seasoned Events bespoke event proposal details everything you need to know about hosting an event at Tower Bridge. With all proposals we send imagery of previous event set-ups which helps our clients envisage their event and encourages the decision makers to confirm.

What event would you love to see take place at Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge has recently been nominated for the world’s most prestigious venue and also the world’s best product launch venue. We have had some really well-known brand names at the Bridge this year already and we would love to see more product launches come our way.

What advice could you give event bookers to ensure they are getting the best rates and making the most out of their venue hire?

It is important that event bookers understand their clients’ event requirements and the facilities available at Tower Bridge. Venue hire is fixed by the Corporation of London; however Seasoned Events work closely with clients to ensure we provide a catering package suitable to their needs.


Tower Bridge Walkways- without an event setup

Words from the wise | Wellington Arch

26 June 2017

Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

Wellington Arch is such a unique venue and clients are always surprised about what you can do within the spaces. It’s very helpful if clients come with lots of questions – a showround is a great opportunity to look at all the possibilities so that we can help you realise your vision for the event.


Words from the wise | British Museum

13 March 2017

Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

Additional costs

They need to know their rough schedule. This is necessary as time frame is not always covered in the standard hire period of 08:00-17:00. Many clients like to begin a conference at 08:00 but only have access to the venue from this time. Should clients need to have access outside the standard hire period, we are happy to be flexible depending on your requirements.


Words from the Wise | Guildhall

9 January 2017

Every month we ask for some wise words from one of our lovely venues. This month we chatted to the lovely team at Guildhall about their loves and aspirations for the venue:

What are the best things that you have seen done in the space?

As a Grade I listed venue, it is surprising that we don’t have very many restrictions when it comes to working in our spaces. This gives clients a creative license to do as much or as little as they want to.


Words from the wise | Porchester Hall

13 December 2016

Words from the wise Porchester Hall

How can clients help themselves to get the best rates?

Watch out for special availability deals throughout the different seasons of the year. Make sure you always ask what the perks are of using the venues’ recommended suppliers. For example, we offer free kitchen hire if you use our recommended caterers.


What are the best things that you have seen done in the space?

David Gilmore’s birthday party was pretty extravagant – the size of the production was vast and the celebs that attended were FAB!


What would you love to see done?

Restore the original 1920s granite & marble flooring that is under the red carpet staircase (I heard this may happen in Jan but shhhh).


What’s the best way that someone can sell the venue to their boss?

Firstly give them a swift G&T….just kidding! Seriously the venue is so flexible and offers something different than other hotel groups and theatres. We are capped at 450 banqueting and 600 standing for a concert, however if the numbers are within our limits we can host pretty much all types of events.


What do you wish people would consider before arriving for a site visit?

Remember we are primarily dry hire, so the venue is not setup all the time. Sometimes clients will turn up and want to see the venue fully setup for a 450 banquet with AV and catering, and we simply cannot do this – only on specific open days.

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