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Eat Me: The Ivy

22 September 2017

The expansion of a classic!

The Ivy has gone east and can now be found in the City and at Tower Bridge! This iconic restaurant, celebrating its hundredth year in 2017, has had the highs of being the place ‘to be seen’ and periods where newer restaurants and cuisines have lured people away, but not for long! There is something about a classic that we just can’t quite resist!

Pick Me: Galaxy Ice Cream

22 September 2017

Galaxy ice cream (no, not the branded one) has been a trend for a while but the latest big thing to hit Instagram is Galaxy Ice Cream with a twist.

The latest twist on this trend was started by a 16 year old vegan food blogger known as Naturally Jo. All her food is vegan and looks fantastic, making it an ideal bit of foodie content for your Insta feeds.

Jo’s take on Galaxy Ice Cream is: coconut milk, coconut nectar, butterfly pea tea and blueberry juice, which sounds delicious!

What would your twist be? We’d love to know! Send us your suggestions, pictures and videos to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages with #SeasonedPickMe

And why not give Naturally Jo a follow? Her Instagram feed has over £279K followers and is full of colourful vegan treats!

Words from the wise: Tower Bridge

22 September 2017

Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

A site visit is a mandatory element of the event planning process as it allows clients to visualise their event at Tower Bridge.  In advance of a site visit we ask our clients to think about what type of event they are organising, how many guests they wish to invite, potential event date and timings plus what food/ beverage they would like to serve.

What advice could you give to clients or agents who need to sell the venue to the final decision maker?

A Seasoned Events bespoke event proposal details everything you need to know about hosting an event at Tower Bridge. With all proposals we send imagery of previous event set-ups which helps our clients envisage their event and encourages the decision makers to confirm.

What event would you love to see take place at Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge has recently been nominated for the world’s most prestigious venue and also the world’s best product launch venue. We have had some really well-known brand names at the Bridge this year already and we would love to see more product launches come our way.

What advice could you give event bookers to ensure they are getting the best rates and making the most out of their venue hire?

It is important that event bookers understand their clients’ event requirements and the facilities available at Tower Bridge. Venue hire is fixed by the Corporation of London; however Seasoned Events work closely with clients to ensure we provide a catering package suitable to their needs.


Tower Bridge Walkways- without an event setup

Make Me: Purple carrot bavarois

22 September 2017

Looking for a fantastic twist on a classic? Then you’ll love this delicious purple carrot bavarois! 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

-150g cooked purple carrot

-I shallot, chopped


-1 liter of cream

-12 leaves of gelatine


-In a pan heat oil, adding chopped shallots and thyme. Sweat for 5 mins.

-Add in cream, vegetable stock and carrot.

-Slowly reduce, while seasoning with salt and pepper

-Blend the mixture and then add gelatine.

-Allow to set.

Inspired by this recipe? We’d love to see your take on it! Head over to our Instagram page and share your pictures using #SeasonedMakeMe and we’ll share it with our followers. 


Team Building!

31 July 2017

The sales team here at Seasoned recently met up for an awesome team-building quiz night at Gibson Hall!

It was a fantastic way for us all to get to know each other outside of the office and get involved with some pretty tough questions including: “what were the two British airmen called who were stuck behind enemy lines in France in the show ‘Allo Allo’?”


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