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The V&A Museum

29 March 2018

If you are looking for an iconic, unique and breathtaking venue for your upcoming event, then look no further than the V&A Museum. As a London caterer, we are truly honoured to be one of the venue’s preferred suppliers.

The V&A Museum is the ideal venue to host a variety of events ranging from cocktail receptions, extravagant or intimate dinners to summer receptions and weddings. The venue has a wide range of varying galleries and also offers a picturesque garden which is perfect for those beautiful summer evenings.

The Raphael Gallery is the V&A Museum’s largest space and if you are anything like us here at Seasoned Events, it will give you goose bumps when you walk in! The Raphael Gallery in all its grandeur offers such incredible talking points, from the seven Raphael cartoons dating back to 1516 to the high ceilings and the spectacular Spanish altarpiece.

As the Museum is open to the general public during the day, we have mastered the art of turning the venue around in just 45 minutes! The Seasoned Events team are highly trained and well equipped to help execute the perfect event at the V&A Museum, whether that is a small drinks reception or a grand dinner. If you are in the midst of party planning and are looking for a breathtaking venue then please get in touch!

Venue spotlight: Museum of London

28 March 2018

As a London caterer, we are very privileged to be able to say we work in such a wide variety of venues in and around London. One of the modern venues we work at is the Museum of London, which documents the history of London from pre-historic to modern times.

The Museum of London can hold weddings, cocktail reception and dinners for a range of capacities in different rooms.

The Sackler Hall, which is in the heart of the Museum, is perfect for private parties, award-ceremonies and celebrations. This space also comes with a digital ellipse and plasma screen, which works fantastically during events!

There are a number of different gallery spaces you can use for receptions or dinners, but as a London caterer one of our favourite galleries is the Designing a Moment: London 2012 Olympic Cauldron. Yes, this gallery contains the ‘Torch’ from the London 2012 Olympics and you can now hold an event in this room!

Working at this Museum has its challenges and of course it’s perks. One of the challenges is that the Museum closes at 5 pm, and on all events we only have 45 minutes to turn the venue around ready for the first guests arrival, whether it’s a dinner for 300 or a reception – which we have mastered! The perks of working here are; how easy the venue is to work at, there is lots of space for our chefs and the flexibility of the venue is great – not to mention the wonderful team!

How do you like your hot cross buns?

28 March 2018

With Easter just around the corner we have been tucking in to plenty of hot cross buns in the Seasoned office. Most people like the traditional hot cross bun, simply toasted with some butter, but we have been looking into alternatives to make things a little more interesting. We have shared our favourites with you below.



Who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you love these sweet treats as much as we do, then why not try making some hot cross bun shaped cakes with the traditional cross made from spiced buttercream icing? This is a great option for children.

French toast

Start the long weekend with some hot cross bun French toast. Any kind of bread can be used for French toast, and hot cross buns are no exception. Serve with mugs of hot tea and the satisfying feeling of four days off work!


Raisins are a love or hate food item and if you are in the anti-raisin camp, remove them from your hot cross buns and replace with chocolate chips. This is definitely one to get your kids involved in: the appeal of warm chocolate bread should have them pleading to help you make them!


Now this is a more controversial option and not for the more traditional people out there. You can replace the raisins and mixed peel of sweet hot cross buns with cheddar and Parmesan cheese. Serve these cheese buns with a thick hot soup for the ultimate comfort meal.

If you fancy getting creative with your party catering this weekend why not try some of the above to wow your guests!

Seasoned sees a rise in vegan-focused menus

6 March 2018

We have seen a 20% rise in the number of customers choosing menus specifically designed around dietary requirements, compared to last year.

Clients have been tailoring menus to meet the increasing demand of special dietary requirements at events, creating a surge of bespoke menus that omit meat, animal products and gluten. A total of 15% of requests last year were from vegan diners, contributing towards a significant portion of the overall increase of 20%.

The rise in tailored menus has been a growing trend and we have seen an increase of 75% in bespoke corporate menus last year, with dietary requirements being a catalyst for the niche menus. Vegan diets remain as one of the main reasons for changes in menus, after the number of people following veganism has increased by over 360% in the last century, prompting us to work closely with our audience to create new, cutting-edge creations.

We feed thousands of guests a year and are proud to show our inclusiveness of all clients’ dietary requirements by crafting an allergen-free dish that caters for all known dietary requirements, to ensure consistency between all diners at events; our exclusive ‘Wonky Veg Terrine’, consists solely of vegetables, without any animal products which meets our environmental commitment of using produce that has been rejected by high street sellers due to aesthetic purposes. The dish has been hugely popular over the winter period and has been featured on 60% of all vegan menus since its inception.

Managing Partner, Colin Sayers, commented: “We’re extremely honoured that our clients have identified us as a caterer who can accommodate not only for vegans but for all dietary requirements. It is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of our chefs, who are able to not only stay ahead of the curve, but craft exciting dishes that resonate with our clients. With veganism becoming such a norm within society, we must do everything we can to accommodate for those not eating meat or animal products. We believe that incorporating vegan dishes shouldn’t be an after-thought, so we have pushed our very own creation, The Wonky Veg Terrine to the forefront of our offering, as it showcases our approach of accommodating for all diners while exhibiting our ethos of sustainability.”

Words from the wise

6 March 2018

This month we have had a chance to talk to Jade from the beautiful Guildhall in the City of London to get some of her thoughts about using this amazing venue…-

Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

Aside from financial gain what are the event objectives? Is it to make the guests feel special, is it to leave a lasting legacy or perhaps it’s to make them learn something new? Whatever the objective, it is important to know these early on so that the venue team can suggest ways to help you achieve them. The venue team are the experts on their venue and will be best placed to advise on what does and doesn’t work in their spaces.


What advice could you give to clients or agents who need to sell the venue to the final decision maker?

Paint a picture for the client on how their event would work in the venue. If you can prove that the event would work logistically as well as achieving their event objective then you are ruling out any reason to doubt the venue for their event. Once that has been successful, it comes down to the clients attachment to the venue. The best way to build this attachment is to take them on a venue visit and draw them in visually. Good sales people will try to make the client feel emotionally attached to the venue by drawing on the venue’s history and the guest experience.


What event would you love to see take place at the Guildhall?

I would like to see more events such as film premières and bespoke launches with big builds. Both offer fantastic PR opportunities and showcase the versatility of our venue to its best. Guildhall is one of the few iconic London venues that can offer all day and night access as well as seamless load-in via Guildhall Yard. This makes Guildhall an ideal location for clients wishing to create a statement event experience.


What advice could you give event bookers to ensure they are getting the best rates from suppliers and making the most out of their venue hire?

When booking a venue ask for a clear breakdown of what is included in the price to avoid any surprise costs further down the line. Most clients don’t realise that Guildhall provides fully equipped kitchens which can reduce the catering costs considerably. Something as simple as this could save thousands when compared to an alternative venue.

With suppliers – if you are a regular event booker and can guarantee multiple event contracts, you can request a multiple event discount. This cuts out the stress of dealing with several suppliers, reduces costs and helps strengthen supplier relationships.


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