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Eat Me: The Ivy

22 September 2017

The expansion of a classic!

The Ivy has gone east and can now be found in the City and at Tower Bridge! This iconic restaurant, celebrating its hundredth year in 2017, has had the highs of being the place ‘to be seen’ and periods where newer restaurants and cuisines have lured people away, but not for long! There is something about a classic that we just can’t quite resist!

Pick Me: Galaxy Ice Cream

22 September 2017

Galaxy ice cream (no, not the branded one) has been a trend for a while but the latest big thing to hit Instagram is Galaxy Ice Cream with a twist.

The latest twist on this trend was started by a 16 year old vegan food blogger known as Naturally Jo. All her food is vegan and looks fantastic, making it an ideal bit of foodie content for your Insta feeds.

Jo’s take on Galaxy Ice Cream is: coconut milk, coconut nectar, butterfly pea tea and blueberry juice, which sounds delicious!

What would your twist be? We’d love to know! Send us your suggestions, pictures and videos to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages with #SeasonedPickMe

And why not give Naturally Jo a follow? Her Instagram feed has over £279K followers and is full of colourful vegan treats!

Make Me: Purple carrot bavarois

22 September 2017

Looking for a fantastic twist on a classic? Then you’ll love this delicious purple carrot bavarois! 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

-150g cooked purple carrot

-I shallot, chopped


-1 liter of cream

-12 leaves of gelatine


-In a pan heat oil, adding chopped shallots and thyme. Sweat for 5 mins.

-Add in cream, vegetable stock and carrot.

-Slowly reduce, while seasoning with salt and pepper

-Blend the mixture and then add gelatine.

-Allow to set.

Inspired by this recipe? We’d love to see your take on it! Head over to our Instagram page and share your pictures using #SeasonedMakeMe and we’ll share it with our followers. 


Eat Me, Make Me, Pick Me! Food & Drink News From June 2017

26 June 2017

Eat me

We have found our new favourite dish and our favourite place to eat it – Korean Bi Bim Bap at BiBimBap Charlotte Street Great tasting, fantastic value and easy options for vegetarians and vegans. Absolutely a 5 star rating from the Seasoned team! (more…)

Let the good times beGIN! World Gin Day – Saturday 10th June 2017

8 June 2017

A global celebration of all things gin!

World Gin Day returns for it’s 9th year on Saturday 10th June. To help you celebrate we’ve put together a collection of our favourite gin based cocktails to make you ginvincible this weekend!


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