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Nacho average Valentine

30 January 2018

With heart-adorned cards, boxes of chocolates plus red and pink everywhere, 14th February, also known as Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate love, is fast approaching! If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic homemade meal instead of going out this year, then we must start thinking about the menu! As event caterers in London, we are always looking at our menus and how to include some seasonal and trendy recipes.

Each one of us from the office here at Seasoned, has chosen a dish we’d like to share for your V-Day menu inspiration. We have included some of our favourite recipes for you, including some vegan options, in case your loved one decided to continue with veganism after veganuary!

Love heart egg toast

This is a nice and easy recipe: toast your bread, cut out a heart with a heart shaped cookie cutter, place in a frying pan and crack an egg into the hole.

Classic Caprese salad

Marry sliced tomatoes with a touch of green pesto, cut the mozzarella into hearts with a heart shaped cookie cutter then drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

Vegan Bolognese

See recipe below –


Choose your favourite dessert nachos from these delicious recipes!

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