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First impression bites

21 February 2018

First impressions are so important and can really set the tone for your special day. In this line of business, when every penny counts and all of the crucial decisions being made can really affect the overall picture, we start to look at the parts of a wedding that could be superfluous. In my experience when working alongside couples, canapés are the first thing to be discussed. Does the couple really need them? Will they make enough of an impact to justify the price? Will my guests be expecting them? Are they worth the cost?

The straightforward answer to this is yes!

After hours of getting ready, feeling stressed, searching maps on how to get to the venue and potentially battling with various types of weather, guests have forgotten to eat and so by the time the vows are all said and done, bellies are starting to grumble. There is nothing worse than miserable wedding guests, who are not concentrating on the venue, nor the catering, décor and other bits you have spent thousands of pounds on: they are too distracted by them being ravenous! There is no doubt in our minds that wedding guests, especially ladies, will not have eaten anything.

What better way to keep all guests content than with small mouthfuls of what is to come: especially to soak up the booze from many glasses of sparkling wine whilst standing in the hot sun?

With London caterers offering such delicious and exciting morsels of food, it would be a shame not see what they can produce. Whether you are hosting your special day in the cold wintry months and need a warm mini beef Wellington with redcurrant jam, or a summer inspired asparagus tip on a bed of Mascarpone and brioche crisp, the choices are endless.

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